What kinds of boots suitable for 12 constellations in this winter? (III)

Published: 17th January 2011
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With the weather become colder and colder, all our girls began to choose a pair of beautiful boots to go through this cold winter. Boots match with skirt can always be the fashion trend and show your taste and personality. Today, let's see what the perfect boots are suitable for the 12 constellations girls in this winter.

  • Sagittarius
    Jimmy Choo,tassel are the indispensable fashion elements of this winter. UGG tassel boot is a miracle that it combines the exaggerated swing tassel, emerald stones with bind belt and fur. In addition, the tall UGG boot with tassel can make your shank looks slimmer, and make Sagittarius more fashionable. You know, Sagittarius girls like fashionable feeling.

  • Capricorn
    In this winter, Capricorn chooses the durable, comfortable boots especially the casual style might as well. A Liberty Boots is much matching the requirements. A rubber outsole, sleek, and knee-high plus the well-crafted stacked leather heel can show Capricorn girls personality to a large extent.

  • Aquarius
    Tassel Short Boots must be the first choice of Aquarius. If the boot just a pair of very common short boot that will never be the love of Aquarius since we all know that Aquarius girls are well known for their unique taste. Yes, they always out of the ordinary and never agree the common sense of others. So a short boot with a large quantity long tassel can show Aquarius' distinctive taste vividly and incisively.

  • Pisces
    Lady-like and Lolita style are the permanent love of Pisces. A little big round head and slugged bottom with Lolita style are certainly the cute features that Pisces girls like best. Waterproof & windproof are the necessary elements to keep the cold weather away and protect the Pisces girl’s delicate constitution.

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