Gifts for your girl friend after you quarrel with her

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Published: 31st January 2011
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Fight like a cat or dog is a very common situation in our lovers relationships. The point is that you guys need to come back as you were. Our experts said that:"your girl friend is always right since she needs you man to comfort".

So when you were quarreled, you’d better to comfort her as soon as possible due to the time is always not wait for men. Or you guys are over. However, it is not very easy to comfort an angry or sad girl that it means you need to make a great effort on not only the ways you use but also the gift you choose.

Sometimes a suitable item as an apologized present is work to make up your "fault" and make your girl friend smile through tears, but if you choose a wrong gift, things will go contrary to your wishes.

So please attach great important on choosing the present if you are really love your girl friend and want to apologized sincerely. Now I'd like to share some good suggestions for you.

1. A pair of jimmy choo UGG boot
As we all know that UGG boot is the symbol of warm. If you are unlucky to quarrel with your girl friend in the cold winter, just like now, a UGG boot is a perfect gift for you to apologize to your girl friend sincerely. In addition, UGG is the most popular shoes in this year. And jimmy choo UGG is both warm and fashion. Wearing the jimmy choo UGG boot, your girl friend will become the focus in this bleak winter.

2. A pair of McDull doll
Wow, this is the cutest doll I found in a small online shop. The bright color and lovely posture plus the special hat on the head must capture many girls' eyes. It combines the cute element with fashion perfectly. Do you want to cheer your girl friend up? The McDull can give you an unexpected effect.

3. A cute octopus shape paper towel
Do you still remember that famous octopus during the World Cup? This is a very creative item I found in the internet which is an octopus shape paper towel. Look, its lovely big head and exaggerated whisker. Pay attention to its big round mouth is not use to eat food but for you to pull the paper out.

What's more, octopus can bring you the feeling of sea, it just like the men's big mind. And its silly appearance often makes people burst out laugh. So if your girl friend is still angry with you now, this lovely item is a not bad choice for you to give her, she must smile through tears.

4. A love hug
Well, this is an invisible gift, but it may be the most effect gift of all the presents. Usually, the women is the one who leave around and leave first, when lover quarrel with each other, so if at this time you can haul your girl-friend's hand and pull her into your hug, then everything is ok. So men, don't mean to open your hug!

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